Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pokemon Cosplay!

Sorry this is so late. I've been busy with a lot of stuff.

Pokemon cosplay! Not the kind you're thinking of, though.

Episode 71 of the Best Wishes anime, entitled "Overcoming Obstacles! Climb The Tower of the Sky!!" featured a rather entertaining scene in which Ash and Co. dressed as other characters in the Pokemon universe, as part of an obstacle course. I've always been a fan of stuff like this (like Halloween episodes and such) so I've taken some screenshots for you to enjoy. Take a look:

Satoshi (Ash) dressed as the Unova region champion, Adeku (Alder).
Pikachu as Adeku's signature Pokemon (in the anime at least), Bouffalant.

Ash's companion, Iris, dressed as the Unova region professor, Araragi (Juniper).
Iris' Axew dressed as a Darumaka.

The anime-exclusive recurring character, Kenyan, dressed as Nurse Joy.
Kenyan's Pokemon, Sawk, dressed as a Pokemon Center Audino.

Pansage dressed as Emolga.
...And I'll let you figure out who this is.

That's all the fun for today. Until next time.


  1. Last one is Elesa dressed like Silen

    1. Close, but it's the other way around. :P

  2. No,Silen dressed like Elesa

    1. Yeah, one of the more entertainingly creepy moments in the Pokemon anime.

  3. Sawk as Audino.....xD

  4. aww.. kenyan and sawk are so cuute~~ xDD